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Welcome to the Sabali Co Support section. Here you will find detailed FAQ's as well as links to the appropriate documentation for each part of the Framework and the CMS. Please note we do not provide any free support in setting up any of the framework, features, CMS or scripts however, if you wish to acquire our services in installation click here.

This website creator is meant for people who want to make a simple information or e-commerce site all the way up into advanced full stack coders who want to edit the software and make improvements, we do not discriminate. The Sabali Co CMS and Framework are licensed as open-source under the Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution license which means you are free to do as you wish with them as long as you provide us some kind of credit in your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

As it stands this is not a framework and CMS really designed for the amateur user as there are far too many solutions out there to easily create your website online. However we believe creating code to create code is redundant.

That is why our software outperforms everyone in terms of SEO, Pagespeed and is HTML and CSS verified with zero coding errors and flaws. We urge you to verify this for yourself, compare your other solution with any of our pages using the following official code validators.

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