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Domains - In order to successfully use the Sabali Co CMS you must purchase your own domain and hosting package that will serve the content to your visitors. There are dozens of hosting companies out there however, we work in close conjunction with some of the best to give you the greatest deals on hosting and domains in the industry.

Where to Purchase a Domain


Hosting - Finally after you purchase your domain(s) it is time to get your website hosted. Again we have partnered with some of the highest quality web hosting companies in the game in order to make sure your website is in global competition.

You must have PHP activated on your server and phpmyadmin is highly recommended.

Where to Purchase Hosting

Building Your Website

Need help building your website? We can help. We do not offer any support, warranties or any other kind of assistance with the Sabali Co CMS and Framework. However, we do offer paid services in helping you set it all up or customizing it for your individual needs. If you want to request service please fill out the form below and someone will respond back to you as soon as possible.

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Web Design of the past was constricted to one device, the Personal Desktop Computer, also known as the "PC". Everything in the past was designed around this single instrument that was installed in the home. However, now we live in an age of multi-functional and widely diverse devices, known as the "internet of things". In order to meet the demands of these new devices web design and computer programming must adapt.

We offer a framework that allows people to rapidly built and construct websites using a responsive framework that codes for all devices and provides no interruption of content in the user interface. In addition we take steps to provide complete protection of modern consumer information through anonymizing encryption that is essential in the age of decreasing privacy and security.

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