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Sabali Co Framework

The Sabali Co Framework is a standalone CSS and Javascript/jQuery framework that allows web designers to quickly and efficiently build high speed, small size, dynamic and responsive websites and web pages for blogs, businesses and much more.

While it can be used in conjunction with the Sabali Co CMS, which can be found by clicking here, the Sabali Co Framework can also be used by experienced HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and mySQL developers to rapid deploy websites and content with ease while still not compromising functionality.

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Framework Installation

Installing the Sabali Co Framework is extremely easy. The framework also comes preloaded on the CMS and will automatically update to the latest version. You can link to the latest version by simply adding the following piece of code to the bottom of the website:

<script async src=""></script>

To install the framework on your own server to edit as you wish simply upload the framework folder to your public_html root folder. This means it should be placed in the most top level folder that contains the admin folder, the index.php file as well as the templates folder.

Framework Javascript

var cssId = 'sabalicoframework';

if (!document.getElementById(cssId)) {

var head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];

var link = document.createElement('link'); = cssId;

link.rel = 'stylesheet';

link.type = 'text/css';

link.href = ''; = 'all';



Framework Documentation

Listed below is the most up to date CSS of the Sabali Co Framework with notes and explanations for each section. Feel free to copy and paste whichever sections of the framework you want to use and likewise delete any that you are not using to free up space. Using this documentation you should be able to customize the framework how you see fit.

Click here to view the complete framework documentation.

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