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Sabali Co Features

There are many different features that are supported by the Sabali Co Framework and Content Management System. Listed below is a full documentation of the all the features as well as links to demos and examples of the code.

This is designed so you can quickly implement any of the features in a decentralized fashion. All of our web features are coded in open source languages like HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP and mySQL.

Sabali Co Features - HTML5, CSS3, JS Languages
Sabali Co Features - Sabali Co Features


There are many different features to set up and monetize your website. From online stores and invoices to advertisements and affiliate programs, you can easily manage customers, products, currencies and accept orders from all over the world.

Establishing an online business and getting started immediately are only a few of the awesome features contained within the Sabali Co CMS. All of the shop features require the admin panel to be installed, while some of the advertising features can be used with plain HTML and thus do not require the CMS.

Sabali Co Features - Credit Cards
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