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Social Share

Social Share Examples

Included below are examples of the social share feature.

Social Share Box

The social share one-sixth box contains links to share your unique page to twelve of the top social media sites. These links are divided into two rows of 6 buttons each. You may change this however, to whichever format you wish simply by following our responsive grid layouts. To easily install this feature copy and paste the following code where you want it to show up;

<?php include ''.$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/admin/features/social/assets/social-share.php'; ?>

Social Share Small

The social share small is a smaller, linear version of the social share icons and comes preloaded on the /home/sabalico/public_html/admin/foundation/blueprint/website-content.php above the content search bar. If you want to alter it, simply delete the line of code, or move it somewhere else.

<?php include ''.$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/admin/features/social/assets/social-share-small.php'; ?>

Social Share Design